Silverball Museum

Silverball Building Murals

Dan Medina, a Tampa based tattoo artist introduced to Silverball Museum owner Robert Ilvento by Dayna DiDomenico, was commissioned to create Jersey Shore Boardwalk pinball themes on the building exteriors. Medina subsequently hand painted the many images free hand using spray paints over the course of 8 months while incorporating vintage pinball games into the murals.

  • West Side (front) and South Side include the NJ boardwalk with fireworks and carnival games
  • East Side (rear of building) and North Side include the Pinball game “Neptune”; King Neptune and aquatic theme wraps around North Side representing Delray Beach as the “Village by the Sea”
  • East Side (rear) also portrays a woman and tiger from the game “Theater of Magic” and original “Seacrest Hotel” at the bottom corner to honor Delray Beach. UFO image represents the “Close Encounters” game
  • North Side has “Royal Flush” game images and continues the “Neptune” imagery


Silverball – entire building

Silverball Retro Arcade Delray Beach

19 NE 3rd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483




Daniel Medina

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