LGBTQIA+ Pride Streetscape Art Installation

The streetscape design includes the six colors of the traditional Pride flag as well as the five additional colors of the Progress Pride flag, which represent people of color, and trans and non-binary individuals.

Art Installation was sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Palm Beach County Human Rights Council.  Planning for the streetscape involved staff from various City Departments, stakeholders from the LGBTQIA+ community and non-profit local partners such as Compass, Inc.

“The Pride Streetscape is about solidarity, inclusion, and visibility; a proud celebration of our city’s diversity,” Mayor Shelly Petrolia said.

Ribbon Cutting on June 12, 2021, marks the 5-year anniversary of the Pulse shooting in Orlando when a gunman ended the lives of 49 victims and injured dozens of others. Saturday night was Latin Night at Pulse, one of the city’s best-known gay clubs, and the club was filled with patrons both gay and straight, young and not-so-young, from the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Pride Streetscape in Delray Beach

6/12/21 (Ribbon Cutting)
Camilucci Signs, LLC
Commissioned By:
AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Palm Beach County Human Rights Council and City of Delray Beach
Delray Beach Pineapple Grove Arts District, Northeast Second Avenue and Northeast First Street
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